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The Future of Pinball Machines is here! (2,000) Pinball Games in One




(Entertainment-NewsWire.com, July 24, 2020 ) IN THE NEW AGE


You could own all of these classic pinball machines and 1,000’s more for less than $5,000!

See the most sought after virtual (video) pinball machine ever made!

Vpin Video Pinball Machine with 2,000” pinball games and video arcade games in one pinball machine!

We sell it all; Arcade machines with 4,000+ video arcade games like pacman, ms. Pacman, donkey kong, street fighter, double dragon.

What if I told you there is a very high-tech, and very super-cool pinball machine that included every single pinball machine listed here in the article? Additionally, what if I told you the pinball machine included over 2,000 games including about 1,000 pinball tables, and 1,000 popular video arcade games? Well, it is 100% TRUE! And the pinball machine is called the VPin Virtual Pinball machine! And it is available in both the VPin Virtual pinball machine (2,000 pinball games in one), and the all new VPin Ultra Virtual Pinball machine (300 pinball games in one.)

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Now, for the TOP 15 VPin virtual pinball game countdown!

1. Ripley's Believe It or Not

Ripley's Believe It or Not! pinball machine is notable for its multi-level rule that enables the beginning player to achieve some of the game's goals early on, while it allows the more advanced player to extend their opportunities with better play. There is also a strong magnet under the shrunken head that catches the ball, holds it for a second, then shoots the ball to the rear. In another mode, it stops the ball and immediately gives it back to the lower playfield.


There is no missing "Fireball" at the arcade with its demonic red namesake glowering at players from the back glass. Its fantasy-world theme was one of the first games to depart from the traditional sports and guys-and-girls designs of the 1950s and '60s. And in the center of the playfield was a novel feature that had only been found on a couple of earlier, obscure pinball games: a spinning disc. "That can change everything in an instant," says Chloe Hansen of the Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda, California. "You think the ball is going to hit the left bumper, then, boom! It hits that disc, spins, and goes right." The spinning disc, it's "zipper" flippers (which could "zip" together to prevent a ball from going down the drain) made "Fireball" a hit, and it remains one of the best electromechanical games of the early '70s. A home version of the game appeared in 1978, and Bally produced an arcade sequel, "Fireball II," in 1981.

3. WIZARD! (BALLY, 1975)

The song "Pinball Wizard" from The Who's 1975 cult film "Tommy" helped bring pinball into the mainstream. It also inspired "Wizard!" the first in a slew of pinball games with celebrity, TV, and movie themes. From a gaming perspective, "Wizard!" is not particularly challenging to play. In fact, it was one of the last models that used electromechanical parts instead of solid-state components to make those bells ring and bumpers kick. But after "Wizard!" no arcade was complete without a pinball machine featuring some pop-culture icon of the day. Bally gave Elton John his own game, "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy," in 1977; its back glass pays homage to his role in "Tommy." Other popular games from the era feature stuntman Evil Knievel (1977), Lee Majors in "The Six Million Dollar Man" (1978), and Detroit rock heroes Kiss (1979), all of which were made by Bally.

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4. Evil Knievel Pinball Machine (1976)

The Evil Knievel pinball machine was designed by Gary Gayton and released by Bally Manufacturing Corporation in July of 1976.

This game has a new playfield installed and the cabinet is touched nice.

Electronic performance! Action styling!

3 Ways to score specials; double specials possible. Special scored when S-U-P-E-R is lit on the playfield by tricky timing to hit center target or shoot ball into the kickout hole when mystery-advancing arrow-light points to letter which is not yet lit. And lighting S-U-P-E-R with liberal adjustment gives player 2 Specials.

Important out ball. Ball exiting from playfield through left or right out lane scores. Special if adjacent Special light is lit by lighting C-Y-C-L-E, which requires kickback skill to return ball to top of playfield. Out ball also adds build-up bonus to total score. And out ball may return to shooter as Extra Ball.

Score-busy drop targets. Special is instantly scored when all 4 Drop Targets are down for third time in each ball played. Extra Ball signal lights when all Drop Targets are down for second time in each ball play. Each Drop Target hit scores 500 and advances bonus 1,000. Various other skill objectives also advance bonus. 5,000 is scored and bonus is doubled when all 5 Drop Targets are down for first time in each ball play. First down also increases value of each spin of 2 Spinner Gates from 10 to 1,000.

35 ways to build score. Including Specials, Bonus and Extra Balls, busy playfield offers players 35 ways to pile up big scores.


"Flash" arrived with a thunderclap at arcades, dazzling players with its novel namesake "flash lamps" and dynamic sound effects that would intensify with play, a technological first for pinball. "The longer you kept the ball in play, the background sound would rise. Everyone in the arcade would know when you were doing well," says Chris Kuntz, aka the Pinball Pirate, a former arcade owner and lifelong pinball enthusiast who collects, sells, and repairs machines in the Bay Area. "It was a big deal at the time." About 19,000 units were built, placing it behind only "Eight Ball" and "Addams Family" in terms of the most popular classic-era pinball games. Collectors prize "Flash" for another reason; it was the first by Williams' legendary game designer Steve Richie, who also created "Firepower" (1980) and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1993), two of the company's other best-selling machines.


Nineties classics like "Addams Family" yammered nonstop while you played, but in 1979 talking pinball machines were something altogether new. This sci-fi/fantasy themed game was the first, its vocabulary containing a whopping seven words that it could combine into different phrases to taunt players during the game, such as "Me got you!" and "Gorger hurt!" Even creepier is the throbbing "heartbeat" sound effect that gets louder as play goes on. By later pinball standards, the speech was kind of cheesy, Chloe Hansen says, but the game still holds sway over players. "It's funny how many kids I see at the museum approach the game then run away when it speaks," she says. "It's kind of scary!"


This Wild West-themed pinball game is a bit of a sleeper hit. Only about 1,000 were produced — far fewer than other classics from the era — and it is harder to find in arcades today than other games from the same era. But for players and collectors who can track one down, "Frontier" strikes pinball gold. It is not particularly sophisticated, but it is got all the elements of a classic-era game, with two banks of drop-down targets that would trigger big point bonuses, thumper bumpers, and rollover targets. "I like games based on the emotional response you get when you play it," Chris Kuntz says. "And 'Frontier' is a really, really good game. The layout, the rules, it's all challenging."


Poolhall-themed "Eight Ball Deluxe" is a follow-up to Bally's "Eight Ball," which was one of the best-selling machines of 1977 (just over 20,200 units were made). When it debuted four years later, "Eight Ball Deluxe" also made players flip, but fewer than 9,000 machines were built. Pinball's days of dominance were numbered as video games like "Pac Man" and "Defender" began competing for arcade floor space. Today, enthusiasts and collectors say "Eight Ball Deluxe" represents the best the industry had to offer at the time. Sharpshooters need a supple wrist to clear the row of seven drop targets and plenty of English on the bank shot to drop the four in-line targets at the top of the playfield. And like other machines of the era, "Eight Ball Deluxe" talked back to you as you played, reminding you to play stripes or solids, and churning out pool-hall sound effects to set the mood. But the true attraction is the machine's artwork. "Bally had a lot of really good artists in the early '80s," Kuntz says. "The stencil art of the side of the head of the first version of 'Eight Ball Deluxe is just beautiful. It's clear a talented artist created it."

9. Creature from The Black Lagoon

The holographic gimmick in the center of this table got a lot of attention, but the mechanics of the game are worthy of plenty of praise. Designed by John “Dr. Flash” Trudeau, this table has some nice-feeling ramps, a solid randomized trick shot in the middle, and a wide gap in the middle keep’s things challenging.

10. Tales of The Arabian Knight

Tales of The Arabian Nights widely regarded as one of the most physically attractive pinball tables ever made, this 1996 Williams table is a joy to play. Designed by John Poppadum Jr, it has a gorgeous back glass and an enticing play area with a “flying carpet” ramp and a magic lamp to summon djinns for bonuses. One cool feature is the ability to light “shooting stars” which grab balls before they drain in the outlands.


By the mid-1980s, pinball machines were losing the arcade popularity contest with video games. In response, manufacturers like Williams began adding new features to the playfields and props on the cabinets to make them stand out in a sea of blinking, beeping machines. One of the most distinctive is "High Speed," a police-chase-themed pinball game with a red emergency light on the top of the back glass that spins during play. "No one had ever done that before," says Kuntz. It was crammed with fun-to-play features: two ramps, a toy traffic light on the playfield that changed colors as you hit targets, and a novel multiball that could be carried over from one game to another. There would not be another pinball machine this sophisticated until games like "Addams Family" arrived in arcades. "For five years, this game defined pinball," he adds. "The light box, the multiball…. 'High Speed' sort of invented that." It also had several technical advances new to the industry, most notably its digital alpha-numeric display, which displayed not just your score but also flashed status updates and point values during play.

12. The Beatles

The Beatles are a timeless group and there have been many products including machines that were modeled after them. The Stern Pinball, The Beatles Gold edition is certainly one of the best. This pinball machine is all about nostalgia, throwing back to the 1950s with everything from video clips to Ed Sullivan introductions. This makes this game, a must play for any fans of the group. The table even features a few licensed hits from The Beatles. This will keep fans playing for longer and it is a surprising feature that is uncommon on tables that works very well in this context. All the Beatles nostalgia would be fantastic on its own, but this is not the only draw of this pinball machine. The table is enjoyable even without these extra electronics that makes this table stand apart from the pack as one of the best pinball machines of all time. The standard features include spinners, skill shots and drop targets, and even the more basic features are done so well that you can overlook that they are like other tables. This table provides a wonderful balance of classic play elements and a modern presentation that really pops. So, if you’re looking for a fantastic table and you enjoy Beatles flair, this is the machine to beat

13. Deadpool

Extra features: includes two stainless steel and wire form ramps with a Katana sword ramp return, hand-drawn art by renowned illustrator Zombie yeti, an additional 8 drop targets, motorized disco ball with disco illumination effects, custom molded Wolverine and Dazzler action figures, a custom “Deadpool’s Mix Tape”.

With the popularity of the movies, this was an inevitable addition to the Stern product line up. The Deadpool table is one of the best Stern pinball machines with a host of great gimmicks, superb play, and a compelling theme. Until the release of The Joker, Deadpool was the highest grossing R Rated film of all time and it remains one of Marvel comics popular titles. This table combines both versions of the Deadpool characters to create an entertaining experience, with lots of little Easter eggs. However, as it should, game play remains the star. There are different modes requiring various skill levels, so everyone should find something they will enjoy. This is a great table with plenty of ramps, targets, and skills shots. Like the movie, there are also other X-Men characters featured, so it will make a fan friendly feature in any room. Even if you discard the licensing, this table still has a great design with an eye-catching unique katana return and all the bells and whistles. While this is obviously not the cheapest table on the market, it is more than worth it. Additionally, the Deadpool pinball machine is supported with lots of electronic updates, to further prolong its enjoyable lifespan. It should be considered an investment that will draw new players for many years to come.

14. Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

Extra features: include twelve Iron Maiden songs, stars the band’s mascot ‘Eddie’, a brand new playfield design, has a Newton ball feature, four flippers (2 on upper playfield), metal ramps, 3 spot drop target bank, 2 spinners, 3 pop bumpers and a captive ball mechanism

Iron Maiden has become a global institution since the band was formed in 1975 to lead the British heavy metal wave. Over the decades, Iron Maiden has come to be an embodiment of creative independence, cheerful indifference to criticism and fearless, ferocious dedication. With more than 100 million albums sold, tens of millions of fans and over 2,000 live performances around the world, the band is one of the most influential bands of all time. The Stern Pinball Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast machine aims to reflect the energy, experience, and excitement of an Iron Maiden concert. You’ll find yourself immersed in an interactive universe through various forms of the band’s legendary mascot, Eddie. As Eddie, you’ll embark on a quest to defeat the beast across the comic book and mobile game world. There is a fantastic array of classic and modern features that are suitable for all skill levels. All the table variants include twelve songs, two spinners, four flippers, wireform and metal ramps, a dual up post lock mechanism, a set of three bank drop targets and a center bullseye target. All models also feature an audio line out, so you can connect an external amp and balance control to vary the backbox and cabinet speaker mix and create a truly immersive experience. This table also benefits from the Stern Pinball SPIKE electronics hardware. This enables innovative animations and high definition graphics on an HD video display. The SPIKE system reduces energy usage and system complexity to provide simplified servicing and enhanced reliability.

15. Star Trek

Extra features: the all-LED playfield, includes an animated battleship, three lightning fast ramps, three flippers, resettable memory drop targets and other; six missions for casual players, 18 complex treks to immerse enthusiast players, three action-centered flippers, features phaser flashes and photon torpedoes

The Star Trek universe has a long history within the pinball world and the licensing has been used for some great tables. While there have been some not so great tables, the Stern Pinball version is one of the best. The table is largely based on the Star Trek into Darkness movie and features some high-tech elements that will keep players entertained and coming back for more. The centerpiece of the table is a massive USS Vengeance model that dominates the entire playfield. There are also LED lights and magnetic locks that allow this table to embrace its sci-fi inspiration and heritage. There are some great bells and whistles, but it is the playability that makes this table stand apart. While it is great for new players, even pros will find it fun. There is an excellent skill curve that makes all players feel they have gotten their money’s worth. The Stern Pinball Star Trek table perfectly marries style and substance, making it a great option for series and movie fans, but also fans of pinball in general. While some may consider the theming a little on the old size, it has a thoroughly modern feel.

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